Produce Labels

The produce department is the most shopped department in your store. Produce labels give your fruits and vegetables a little extra appeal with the perfect produce label message of why someone should choose your produce; from USDA organic and all natural to convenient fresh cut fruit and vegetable choice labels and more.

If you need Food Grade Adhesives for direct application on your vegetables or fruits, look for those specially marked items in the description area. Don't see a label that meets your needs? Let us know because we love to hear new label suggestions! 800.882.5104 or email us.

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100% Organic Label
  • $10.04 /RL
All Natural Label
  • $10.04 /RL
Certified Organic Label
  • $10.04 /RL
Country of Origin (write on) Label
  • $4.63 /RL
Country of Origin Produce Label
  • $19.08 /RL
Farm Fresh (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Fresh Bullseye Label
  • $11.13 /RL
Fresh Cut Grab-N-Go Fruit Label
  • $19.48 /RL
Fresh Satisfaction Guaranteed Label
  • $14.08 /RL
Garden Fresh Produce Label
  • $4.63 /RL
Grab & Go Fresh Cut Vegetables Label
  • $13.13 /RL
Great for Stir Fry (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Healthy Choice (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Lemon Slice Label
  • $15.27 /RL
Local - L (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Locally Grown (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Locally Grown! Label
  • $10.04 /RL
Mild Label
  • $4.63 /RL
Organic (icon) Label
  • $7.41 /RL
Organic Look for the 9 Label
  • $19.31 /RL
Organic! Label
  • $10.04 /RL
Produce (write on) Label
  • $18.37 /RL
Product of USA Label
  • $4.63 /RL
Product of USA, Canada, Mexico Label
  • $4.63 /RL